Boost Your Stats With These Tips : Linkedin Style

Boost Your Stats With These Tips : Linkedin Style

​LinkedIn send regular emails to their active subscribers outlining and guiding best practice in maximising the effectiveness of social networking on their business platform.

Today they sent a great little league table of recent Pulse posts that I have published and how each one stacks up against the next. In one simple dashboard I can see the subjects and how each has performed in terms of reach, likes and interactions. In isolation this is helpful in terms of guiding subjects and timing for upcoming posts. But coupled with the following useful tips it means that even those new to blogging and publishing content can quickly gain traction and break through the ever increasing online noise (apparently my Profile View ranking has improved by 9% over the last 30 days).

Here are Linkedin’s tips today:

When in doubt, turn to the news - Not sure what to write about? Look at what’s generating headlines and see if there are potential topics that connect back to your expertise and interests.

Write about what you know - Get inspiration from your professional life. Use LinkedIn as a sounding board - share your ideas, then get feedback to refine your topic or just have a friendly debate.

These simple techniques are a sure fire way to supercharge your content’s effectiveness and as I found with the article at the top of my league table of posts, generate enquiries and sales leads.

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