Best Digital Dashboards for Social Media

Best Digital Dashboards for Social Media

Digital marketing dashboards for checking your website and social media come in all shapes and sizes. Here we share some of the best that we believe provide a cost effective and sometimes innovative insight into your online activity.

It is important to not use every feature in every dashboard but rather to create a set of questions that you need to answer and then look deep into the dashboard information to turn that data into intelligence that can better inform your decision making.

Digital Dashboards for Website Analytics

Dashboard to Help Lead Generation

Indexing Your Social Influence

Monitoring Your Social Mentions

Twitter Dashboards

Integrated Social Media Dashboards

The effective combination of some of these dashboards should provide the detailed digital analytics that you can use to turn the information into intelligence that will help you to continuously improve your digital marketing activity.

If this intelligence can inform you along the full length of your customer journey and sales and marketing conversion funnels you will be well placed to deliver great return on investment of resource for your organisation.