Been there? Done it? Got the marketing T-shirt?

Been there? Done it? Got the marketing T-shirt?

So you’re a senior marketer, you’ve been in the business for years. You have the respect of your colleagues and your team. You know your stuff and you can point to the results of previous campaigns as a sign of your expertise and success.

Don’t relax. Marketing is changing and developing faster now than ever before and if you don’t make a serious effort to keep up with these changes you’ll be left behind and quickly consigned to the scrap heap.

I’ve been involved in the world of Marketing for over thirty years and never have I seen such a rapid acceleration in the range of tools available to the marketer. In the early stages of my career I was managing a £multi-million consumer marketing budget with no internet and only two TV stations available to advertise on! I was spending over £750,000 on Yellow Pages advertising alone – just imagine that in today’s world.

Traditional marketing still has a huge part to play in any marketing strategy but digital marketing has added to the tools available to us like never before. These tools give us so much more flexibility and an ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of our actions. They give us the ability to prove that marketing provides a true return on investment.

OK, so you know Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat…. I could go on… and I’m sure you have an opinion about them all. But do you know how to use them to really enhance your company’s marketing?

Every tradesman has his tool kit be they a plumber, a car mechanic or a builder and every year, the tools available to them change and improve. Yes, they still have the basics, the screwdriver, the spanner and the spirit level but if your car had a problem and you took it to the garage, you wouldn’t only expect the mechanic to have the latest piece of diagnostics equipment to find out what was wrong, you’d expect him (or her) to know how to use it! It’s the same in today’s world of marketing, if we don’t keep on top of developments and truly understand how to use the tools that are available to us, we’ll get left behind.

Having said all that, the basics of Marketing haven’t changed in years and whether you are just starting a career in marketing with no idea what you are doing (that was me thirty years ago!) or you just need to brush up on the latest trends, Viper Marketing can help. We’re a team of experienced Marketers with one aim; to help companies do better marketing.

We can support a company’s existing strategy by taking on some of the ‘Agency’ type requirements you have, or we can help you develop and implement a strategy that will challenge the norm and produce results. We can help you get best value from your digital marketing and social networking and we can also help through Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Speaking.

So, get in touch if you think it might be worth us talking further, we’d love to help.