A Rebrand Isn’t Just A New Logo

A Rebrand Isn’t Just A New Logo

Marketing and Rebranding is more than just the veneer of a new colour scheme, font or logo. A true rebrand is a complete re-invention of the business. It’s underpinned by a new structure, development opportunities realised, team skills enhanced and increased customer intimacy and feedback loops.

A rebrand is a great opportunity to truly take stock of all the innovations and opportunities that have been presented to the business in recent years. Prioritise them and decide which add value in the short term and which add value in the longer term. From there it’s a case of allocation of roles. Everyone needs to take responsibility and ownership for at least one element of improvement that is going to happen. In this way there is a wider collective buy-in and the reason and philosophy behind the rebrand will become self-evident for all.

The exercise isn’t a one-time-only job, it’s the start of an ongoing journey of listening to customers and staff and reprioritising the very best innovations, ideas and suggestions which are then incorporated within the new brand stucture.

For clarity and as a filter for what’s right and wrong, what’s important and what’s less so, are the leading lights of the vision and mission statement. These should always be clear and directional for the brand and under which all of the supporting elements of business process, people, systems and customer service are positioned.

If your business is ready for growth, to enter new markets, to launch new products and services, then there is also an opportunity for a rebrand and the wider business improvements that underpin it.

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