A Marketing Plan on a Page?

A Marketing Plan on a Page?

Needs: Why are you doing this?

Create a more effective digital presence to attract new customers generate more sales. You are the only person in the business and have little spare capacity to devote to attracting new business. A more targeted and focused approach will save time, increase efficiency and produce results.

Knowing your Audience: It is important to identify your target market.

All other decisions will be filtered through your audience types. For this example we’ll use ‘Marion’, a female, 40-50 years, married, affluent, homeowner, rural setting.

Change: How will we know whether we’ve succeeded? What will have changed as a result of the initiative?

In one years time ‘Marion’ will be able to see a wide variety of previous commissions online leading to 30% more enquiries and 10% more commissions.

Content Rule of Thirds: Point people to interesting material. Use Personal messages. Then send Promotional material.

Point: local news, superb design from around the world, interior design techniques.

Personal: the ‘process is the product’, reveal the production techniques, the skill and quality behind the scenes.

Promote: Previous commissions.

Opportunities: People remember and learn by association. What else is happening that we can align with?

Capitalise on the brand of your locality and people’s interest in home design.

Area: Focus your effort in the right place

Define radius of work area, use the names of those places frequently across digital media.

Constraints: The reality check to make sure your time isn’t wasted

Need to be able to post social media content while at work, the easiest option for this would be via a smartphone with Instagram app.

Create Awareness:

Improve search engine optimisation with an improved website, suggest free template site like Wordpress.

Instagram app for creating images quickly and loading them to social media.

Facebook Page & Pinterest boards showing your work and other Content, see above.

YouTube video, simple slideshow of portfolio images to start.

Improve Conversion:

Website ‘arrange a visit’ headline on homepage, ensure Awareness tools point to email and mobile number on this page.

Google Analytics to monitor visits to site.

Maintain Retention:

Gather customers emails and other information. This creates intelligence and allows more strategic marketing (plus allow subscriptions via website to enewsletter). Look to generating an automated enewsletter system with a quarterly email to subscriber.