A House Build Without Architect is like Marketing Without a Strategy

A House Build Without Architect is like Marketing Without a Strategy

​We speak to so many businesses from all walks of life who are doing tactical marketing activity without any kind of plan.

You wouldn’t try to build a house without a plan and marketing is just the same. With a plan you have a vision, measures of success, a timeline, and efficient use of resources. Without a plan or strategy you have a pile of stuff, chaos and busy people risking the achievement of nothing.

Imagine trying to build a house without an architect’s plans. Your builder arrives on your land with a lorry full of bricks, you have a delivery of plasterboard, tiles for your roof in a pile at the gate and some willing tradespeople ready to go. But you have no plans, just a vision in your head (at best) of what your house will look like but no way of matching your base resources with how they will fit together.

Marketing is just the same. To achieve your vision you need to plan a strategy, matching products and services to customer need, at the right price that also allows you to make a profit. From this strategy you can develop a timeline of tactical activities, using appropriate marketing tools and content to take your customers along their journey of engagement with you, step by step to a mutually successful conclusion.

It’s not rocket science and we can help. If you are doing lots of tactical marketing activity and it’s not joined up and delivering excellent results then get in touch and let’s talk.