5 reasons you should develop target audience personas

5 reasons you should develop target audience personas

Developing target audience personas is a great way to streamline your marketing. When you sit down to write content do you imagine a person the other side of your computer?

Almost everyone that goes through this process with us is amazed at how much easier it makes your social media use. When you know who you’re talking to you know what to say.

The key to defining your target audiences is giving them a human name. If I refer to Wayne you will be conjuring a mental image of this person, probably not too dissimilar from mine. One of the most overt uses of a target audience for a product with a human name is the TV channel Dave. You can picture the ‘Dave’ sat there enjoying a schedule made with him in mind.

The human name becomes a positive common currency that can be easily understood by everyone in your business.

How do you go about producing target audience personas? Firstly, it’s ok to rely on your and your colleagues best guess. Your intuition can be trusted. You’ll probably have more than one target audience. Brainstorm all the characteristics and traits you can think of. Group all those ideas into 3-4 people. Give them each human names.

Having defined your personas you need to prioritise the personas as you can’t do everything at once. Ask the question who is it most important for us to market to? Choose one of your personas as a starting point then one at a time compare your other personas to them. You’ll end uo with a prioritised list.

Here are five reasons you will benefit from developing personas and how they can provide value to your organisation.

1. Organisational Alignment

How can you align within your organisation if you don’t share the same definition of who your target customer is? By building and utilising personas, you give everyone a common definition of the target and will even find the persona name being referenced during internal meetings to get everyone on the same page.

2. Content Strategy

What message will attract your audience and which content will keep them engaged? Creating the right message and delivering it to the right person demands that you know who you are talking to. Without personas it is difficult to target your audience with precision. Personas should shape the content you produce, giving you the ability to generate specific pieces based on the person that you need to engage and generate a need for your products.

3. Promotional Strategy

Where and when should you advertise? By understanding where your buyers are researching how to solve their pain points, you can effectively reach them with ads and content when it’s most relevant.

4. Sales Enablement

Is your sales channel ready to engage with decision makers, influencers, and end users about their specific needs and goals? Understanding who you’re talking to before picking up the phone or entering the meeting is critical to the success of the sale. Customers want to know that you understand them and their business. Personas provide the foundation for all sales people to go in with a baseline understanding of their audience.

5. Product Development

How can you preemptively address your customers’ pain points and objectives if you don’t have a clear understanding of who they are? Personas provide a clear definition of your target customer that can be shared with your product team, giving them additional knowledge for planning and development.

People buy from people, not companies. In Business-to-Consumer, sometimes people buy just based on brands but they’re still looking for a personal connection. Next time you sit down to write some social media content who will you picture the other side of your computer?