3 Foot Rule

3 Foot Rule

Quite simply anyone who comes into contact within ‘3ft of you’; talk to them about your business. Opportunities to do this are endless, if you get into the habit of doing this when you are out and about on your daily routine! – in shops, petrol station, restaurants, pubs. In fact, anywhere you find people.

What are your objectives?

1: To get their name and telephone number in order to call them at a more convenient time. You cannot fully explain the business in a Tesco check out queue!! You want to call them in a ‘business like scenario’ at a later date that suits you and them.

2: To get information about your business, to ‘people they know OR know of’. ‘Referrals’, via anyone you come in contact with, will help when you contact the other person, by quoting a name they know.

How do you get their details?

By just striking up a conversation, about the weather, where you are, or anything that is happening around you at the time. It may be business related or not, the main thing is to start chatting, and expand from there.

Always looking for an opportunity is the key, and spotting ‘opportunities’ that might happen.

An organised example of this, is business breakfast meetings, such as the local ‘Chamber of Commerce’ events.

This is a group of like-minded people all coming together, sharing ideas and services, at an arranged time and venue …. ‘Looking for business opportunities’.

The ‘3ft rule’ activity is the same scenario but on an ‘ad hoc basis’ in your day to day activities.

The old adage is “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”; all you need to do is make ‘3ft ruling’ a habit you do on a daily basis.